Individual Coaching

If you own a new or used sailboat and would like to improve your sailing performance, take advantage of our Coaching programs. Coaching programs are customized to your individual needs and can be scheduled whenever and wherever you are available. All coaching starts with an initial meeting to assess your needs and design the program. Whether you are interested in improving boat-handling, specific maneuvers, mast/sail trim or a combination of all of it, we will work with you to make it happen while having a lot of fun as well. Contact us for an initial estimate.

Structured Sailing Courses

If you do not own a boat yet, we offer a series of sailing courses on our yacht. Current course formats are Basic Racing, Advanced Racing, Safe Cruising and Ocean Adventure. Courses are based on a 3-day format which includes preparation, on the water exercises and post course material. Contact us for an initial estimate.

Professional Consulting

Whether you are planning to purchase a yacht, upgrade your boat to sail to the Caribbean or participate in races, we are here to help. We can work with sail makers to make sure you get the right sails for the right price, upgrade your running rigging, yacht electronics or help you with the perfect cruising schedule.

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